Winter Weekend

The 38th M500 Society Winter Weekend will be held at Florence Boot Hall, Nottingham University from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th January 2019.

This year people attending for the first time can get up to £25 discount by solving the sum to squares puzzle.

Groups of new people attending for the first time also get a group discount. 2 new attendees booking together get a £50 discount (£25 each), a group of 3  get £100 and a group of 4 get £200.

The Weekend provides an opportunity to do some recreational mathematics, not module-based, with a friendly group of like-minded people. The relaxed and social approach delivers maths for fun.  This year the following sessions will be included:

  1. The regular quiz on Saturday which will have a mildly mathematical flavour
  2. “Get Knotted”. A session on knot theory by our visiting speaker Dr Gareth Williams
  3. Topography in Arabic art By Milena Dragic
  4. “Global Warming by numbers”. Models, the IPCC, and the 1.5 centigrade target by Colin Aldridge F.I.E.T

The Weekend is based on a number of worksheets relevant to the theme, and you can choose which problems to pursue. Mostly we work in small groups, but you can choose who you work with—nothing is compulsory! It should be approachable to anyone who has completed MST124/MST125, but there will also be material to stretch those who feel the need.

We start with dinner at 7pm on Friday (arrive any time after 2pm) and finish around 4pm on Sunday. You don’t have to be a member of M500 to come to the Weekend, but if you are, there is a small discount (see below). If you decide to join at the same time as coming to the Weekend, please make sure that you send the membership form (and membership fee) to the New Membership Secretary, not to the Winter Weekend Organizer.

The Weekend costs £225 for M500 members and £230 for non-members. This includes accommodation and all meals from dinner on Friday to lunch on Sunday.

If you haven’t been to a Winter Weekend before, and don’t know what it’s about, read Information on the Winter Weekend (PDF), read a personal review of the 2011 weekend or have a look at a sample of the material from previous Weekends.

To book a place please complete the booking form (doc, pdf) and send it with your payment to Judith Furner

If you have any questions, please contact Judith Furner by e-mail at