Additional information for tutorials

Everybody Bring anything that you would take to the exam, the Handbook, a calculator if used, plus anything else you can carry which might be relevant for tutorials (paper, pen, …).
Past papers Modules for which the tutors have requested that you bring past papers.

Individual modules

M208 Students MUST bring the module Handbook plus writing paper and pens.
M303 Students are asked to bring the past papers from 14J (June 2015), 16J (June 2017) and 17J (June 2018). We will mainly use the last two, dipping into the other at times. I have decided not to touch the 15J (June 2016) one in order to leave you one full paper for other uses.  There will be some additional questions, with question hand-out provided at the beginning and solutions at the end.
M337 Please bring bring exam papers, any answers that they may have and Handbook (important).
M343 Handbook and exam papers from 2007 – 2018.
M346 Past papers, calculator, course units (if possible) and Handbook;  Genstat on a notebook or laptop would be useful.
M347 June 2017 and June 2018 exam papers.
M820 Module Handbook, calculator if you use one and notes.
M823 Apostol (the set book), Robin Wilson’s Course Notes, a calculator and a copy of the second specimen exam paper.
The main focus of the weekend will be the 2nd specimen exam paper.  Consequently, while it’s not a requirement, attendees are encouraged to have tried the questions on this exam paper prior to the weekend.
M829 M829: Bring anything relevant to the module.  In particular:  (1)  module text, (2) course notes.  If you have printed copies:  (3) assignment booklet, (4) prime number theorem supplement, (5) specimen paper.
M836 Students should bring the set book and printed Course Notes.
MS327 2017 and 2018 exam papers.
MST124 June 2017 and 2018 exam papers and specimen paper, calculator and handbook
MST125 Handbook, highlighters, pencil and pen, ruler, calculator, marked TMAs and any tutorial sheets from your tutor or the forum. Some units might be useful, but not essential.  Please bring as many past papers as you have.
MST210 Please see the MST210 page.
MST224 Question papers for all but the Practice Exam will be available from 1st May on my website Follow the M500 link (NB not the MST224 link) and log in with username m500, password kentshill (all lowercase).  The practice exam paper will be handed out at the start of the Sunday pm session.  Full answers will be posted on the website after the weekend.
Students should bring the MST224 Handbook and stationery, and copies of the question papers in either paper or electronic form.  The MST224 units are optional.  No calculators please.
MST326 Please bring your Handbook and all the past MST326 papers i.e. 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.
MT365 2012 – 2018 past papers from OUSA and Module Handbook – the latter is absolutely essential. Additionally, whatever course materials you want to ask questions about. No particular unit is essential but if you have a question about something in the units, bring the relevant unit with you. That will help you to present your question concisely and specifically. Remember that the MT365 exam does not allow calculators

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