If you wish to request or offer a lift please send an email message with the details (location, postcode, email, phone, etc.), and a message if desired, and they will be posted here.

If your entry is no longer valid and needs to be amended or removed, so that people don’t continue to contact you, please update your request.

Taxi sharing

There will be a shuttle bus service between Yarnfield Park and Stone station on Friday and Sunday (see FAQ for details), but if you are travelling to/from Stafford or Stoke-on-Trent stations or commuting on Saturday as well you may wish to arrange to share a taxi. Please indicate the arrival/departure time of your trains.

Download a list of Yarnfield taxi numbers (PDF).

Lifts offered

A student is driving down from Durham on the Friday lunch time, and heading back after the last session on Sunday. If anyone needs a lift I’d be happy for company.

Lifts wanted

A student would like a lift from East Anglia. He lives in Ipswich, but could make it to anywhere else in East Anglia that has a railway station.