Additional requirements for tutorials

Everybody Bring anything that you would take to the exam, the Handbook, a calculator if used, plus anything else you can carry which might be relevant for tutorials (paper, pen, …).
Past papers Modules for which the tutors have requested that you bring past papers.

Individual modules

M208 Students were asked to bring, apart from the Handbook, the papers from June 2021(2020J presentation), June 2014 (2013J), June 2015(2014J) and June 2016(2015J).  Provided you have a computer these can be downloaded.
M303 We will be concentrating on the June 2021 (20J) and June 2022 (21J) past papers. We will also use Q6 from June 2017 (16J) and selected questions from June 2020 (19J). The latter are carefully selected to suit the style of the remote exam questions. Please bring copies of these papers. Abi will also have slides for topic overviews, which we will use as necessary in the appropriate sessions.
M337 Please bring any exam papers and solutions that you have (electronic format is preferable to print) and Handbook (important).
M347 Papers from 2018 – 2022
M823 Apostol (the set book), Robin Wilson’s Course Notes, a calculator and specimen exam papers if required.
M838 The Weekend will work through the 2nd specimen exam paper (plus some other questions).  Consequently, while it’s not a requirement, attenders are encouraged to have tried the questions on this exam paper prior to the weekend.  Please bring with you: Stewart Galois Theory (4th edition), Handbook, the second specimen exam paper, calculator.  You might also want to bring: a copy of the solutions to the second specimen exam paper, Books A, B and C.
MS327 Calculator/iPad/laptop are optional. The tutor will hand out printed past exam papers (so students do not need to bring their own). If students need printed exams in larger format, please contact the organizer.  Don’t forget your Handbook
MST124 Past paper, June 2022, calculator and handbook
MST125 Please send for the past papers from the OUSA shop and download draft solutions from the MST125 revision forum. Handbook, highlighters, pencil and pen, ruler, calculator, specimen and past papers . Module books would be useful.
MST210 Papers will be sent to MST210 students by the end of April.  There is no need to print them, if you have them on a tablet or laptop, and no need to do any of the questions beforehand.  If you have not received the papers by the 1st May please e-mail the Weekend Organiser on
MST224 Question papers for all but the Practice Exam will be available from 1st May on my website Follow the M500 link (NB not the MST224 link) and log in with username m500, password kentshill (all lowercase).  The practice exam paper will be handed out at the start of the Sunday pm session.  Full answers will be posted on the website after each session.
Please bring the appropriate question paper in electronic or paper form to each session.  There is no need to attempt the questions beforehand but please read through the question paper before the session so that you are familiar with the content.  Students should bring the MST224 Handbook, the appropriate question paper and stationery to each session.  The MST224 units are optional.  Calculators should not be required.

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