BACS payments for the Revision Weekend

If you wish to pay by bank transfer please read and follow the instructions below.

We need to be able to identify your payment on our bank statement, so when you set up the transfer please email with the following information:

  • Your name, address and OU Personal Identifier
  • The date and amount of the transaction
  • The reference you used.*

*The reference you give to your bank, which appears on our statement, should if possible be your OU Personal Identifier, followed by your name.

Payments from non-UK banks

If any payment incurs a charge or the conversion rate means that the amount received is less than the cost of the booking we will accept, and receipt, the shortfall when you register at the Weekend. Conversely, if the credit is for more than the cost we will refund the excess, in cash (Sterling), at registration.

M500 Society Revision Weekend account details

Account name: M500 Society Revision Weekend Account
Sort code: 40-47-31
Account number: 24517229

Bank: HSBC, York, UK
IBAN: GB44HBUK40473124517229

Please ensure that you use the correct account, that is, the Revision Weekend account, rather than the membership account.  Using the wrong account requires considerable administration time to correct.  We are considering charging a fee for this – beware!