Important announcement

Before 2018 our financial year ran from 1 January to 31 December. We are now changing that to coincide with OUSA, whose financial year is 1 August to 31 July.

We will produce a set of accounts for the seven months 1 January 2018 to 31 July 2018, and subsequently we will produce annual accounts for the new period, i.e. 1 August 2018 to 31 July 2019 and so on.

So that our membership year will continue to match our financial year, we will accommodate the above change by extending our 2018 membership to 31 July 2019. That is, the 2018 membership ‘year’ will last for 19 months, and invitations to renew will be issued for 1 August 2019 rather than for 1 January 2019.

General Membership information

Anyone interested in OU mathematics can join the M500 Society. Membership is by subscription, renewable annually.

If you join more than three months before the end of a membership year, your membership is backdated to the beginning of that membership year. If you join less than three months before the end of a membership year, your membership is carried through to the end of the following membership year.

Members receive the bi-monthly M500 Magazine, and are entitled to a discount on the Revision Weekend and the Winter Weekend. If you are already a member at the time that you pay for a Weekend, or if you join at the same time, then you qualify for the discount. (But note that there is a cut-off date for discount on late applications to the Revision Weekend.)

The current subscription fee is given on the application form.

Print out (as an HTML page), or download (as a pdf¬†or rtf¬†document), the application form, complete it and post, with a cheque for the appropriate amount made payable to ‘M500 Society’, to:

Mrs Dorothy Leddy
M500 Society
2 Station Hill
Hampstead Norreys
RG18 0RS

Or preferably, you may pay by BACS transfer. For further information see the BACS page.