The M500 Winter Weekend

If you have never been before, the Weekend is based on a number of presentations and worksheets relevant to the subject being presented. and you can choose which problems to pursue.
Mostly we work in small groups, but you can choose who you work with—nothing is compulsory! It should be approachable to anyone
The presentations are accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge of mathematics but there will also be material to stretch those who feel the need.
There will also be some light relief, which may be a video, a talk or a group activity, and usually a quiz on Saturday night. Every year is different.

The main aim of the weekend is to do some enjoyable and entertaining mathematics.

As an example take a look at the report on the 2020 Winter weekend
We start with dinner at 7pm on Friday (arrive any time after 2pm)and finish around 4pm on Sunday.
You don’t have to be a member of M500 to come to the Weekend, but if you are, there is a small discount. If you decide to join at
the same time as coming to the Weekend, please make sure that you send the membership form to the Membership Secretary, not to the Winter Weekend Organizer