Revision Weekend 2020/2021

45th Mathematics Revision Weekend


As you know, the Revision Weekend 2020 at Kents Hill has been cancelled. I am pleased to say that all students who requested a refund have now received one.  We have provisionally agreed, coronavirus permitting, that the Revision Weekend 2021 will take place at Kents Hill over the weekend of the 7th – 9th May. We shall be taking applications from the beginning of November as usual. If you have any questions, please e-mail the Weekend Organizer at

45th Mathematics Revision Weekend


I am pleased to announce that Kents Hill have agreed to cancel the M500 Revision Weekend this year without a financial penalty. I appreciate that many of you have been concerned about this and I have responded to everyone who has e-mailed me. However, should the M500 Society have cancelled the Weekend we would have been subject to a significant financial penalty which would not have been easy for the Society to absorb. We are, as you know, a small society, run by volunteers, and we had to balance the period of time that we (and you) lived in uncertainty against the loss of a very considerable portion of our reserves. Paying their cancellation fee could have left us unable to provide the Revision Weekend in the future. Knowing how this facility is valued we felt we had a duty to future cohorts of students to protect this resource for them. We are very sorry for the added stress this may have caused to current students. I am most grateful to those of you who have offered your support. It was much appreciated by the committee, who have been struggling with making the right decision.

Students will receive a refund of their fees and I shall be in contact with all who have booked. This may take a little while, so I would be grateful for your patience.